Fiber optics as sensor

Optical fiber is opening up more and more possibilities for measuring physical quantities. On the one hand, it can be used for interference-free transmission of the measurement signals, and on the other hand, it has the potential to act directly as a sensor. The measurement can also be carried out under adverse conditions and in inaccessible locations. Electrical and magnetic interference as well as sparking can be kept away from the measurement location.

Correlations-RPS (Rapid Precision Sensing)

The Problem:

The realization of higher bandwidths in the new 5G mobile communications standard requires phase-controlled parallel data streams. Conventional technologies currently in use cannot achieve this.


The Solution:

With the aid of the RPS method, it is possible to measure the propagation time of the light in the optical fiber with sufficient accuracy. This is the basis for phase matching the data in the direction of the mobile communications antenna.



More applications: 

  • Exact measurement of the fiber length
  • Tools: wear, wear measurement, material stress
  • Building: measurement of temperature and strain, localization of fires

Markets: 5G mobile communications, fiber sensor technology, Industry 4.0

Coherent RPS

The Problem:

With optical reflectometers, localization of environmental influences along an optical fiber is not possible directly.


The Solutions:

The coherent RPS method allows not only time domain measurement but also phase analysis of backscattered signals. Temperature changes, mech. stress, vibrations etc. are detectable with local assignment.



More applications:

  • Highways, railroad tracks, tunnels, bridges, properties
    Temperature: course, localization
    Stress: pressure, strain, torsion
    Vibration: road and rail conditions, presence of people or animals, speed measurements of vehicles
  • Biological and chemical analyses

Markets: Traffic infrastructure, traffic control and monitoring systems, safety engineering, agriculture, building services engineering, medical technology, tool industry, chemical industry Interferometry (measurement technology)

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